Cartreze Tucker - Actor / singer / dancer

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Cartreze Tucker

[KARR-trez ● TUK-ur]
5' 10" | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown

National Tours

The Color Purple
Adam/Buster (u/s Harpo)
Troika Prod, dir. John Doyle
Motown: The Musical
Stevie Wonder, Ens, (u/s Marvin Gaye)
Worklight Prod, dir. Schele Williams/Charles Randolph Wright
Tribe (u/s Hud)
Big League Prod, dir. Diane Paulus

Regional Theater

Travl'lin: The 1930s Harlem Musical
u/s Nelson & Archie (leads)
Arvada Center, dir. Rod A. Lansberry
Joseph Asagai
Astoria Performing Arts Center, dir. Dev Bondarin
Sister Act: The Musical
Eddie Souther
White Plains Performing Arts Center, dir. Frank Portanova
Disney's Tarzan: The Musical
White Plains Performing Arts Center, dir. Jeremy Quinn
Our Lady of 121st Street
The Pearl Theatre Co, dir. Dan Daily
The Little Mermaid (NY Regional Premiere)
White Plains Performing Arts Center, dir. Jeremy Quinn
Miss Saigon
Interlakes Theater, dir. Brian Feehan
Atlanta, Center Theater, dir. Brian Kimmel
Atlanta, Center Theater, dir. Brian Kimmel
The Wizard of Oz
Tin Man
Dallas Theater - Civic Center, dir. Joshua Davis

Workshops/Staged Readings

The Crossing & The Ten Crucial Days
Jacob Gullick
Dir. Gabriel Vega Weissman
by Jason Huza & John Allen Watts
Hart Island Requiem
Drama League Director's Residency, dir. Madeline Sayet
by Ty Defoe & Tidtaya Sinutoke
Bayard: A New Musical
Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
SCAN NY, dir. Taran Gray
by Richard Allen
The Oldenburg Suite
Andy Warhol
New York Musical Festival, dir. James Feinberg
by Matt Rose & James Feinberg
OMG... Broadway!
(starring Sally Struthers)
Ethan Willis
York Theater (NEO Series), dir. Tristan J. Shuler
by Karlan Judd
Show & Tell: A New Musical
Dir. Ellie Heyman
by Max Vernon
Reunion '65/Reunion '85
Man 1
Byron Theater, dir. Marshall Pailet
conceived by Susan Draus
Love On Ice: A New Musical
Michael Jackson
St. Lucks Theater, dir. Evan Pappas
by Jeff Lodin, Bill Nabel & William Squier
All Dressed Up w/ Nowhere to Go: A New Musical
[In Development]
by Jimmy Roberts
Clouds Are Pillows For The Moon: A New Musical
New York University
by Ty Defoe & Tidtaya Sinutoke
The Ballad of Trayvon Martin
Emmet Till
Rebel Theatre Co., dir. Adam Mace
by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj
Holy Fire: A Musical (World Premiere)
Jessie David
Bayne Productions, dir. David Campbell
by Greg Sims, Bonnie Nichols & Jeff Lodin

Concerts/Cruise Ships

A Strange Loop: A New Musical
Featured Artist
54 Below, NYC
Jean Ann Ryan Prod. (2 Contracts)
Lead Vocalist
Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Mariner


The American Musical & Dramatic Academy

Mike Ruckles, Christian Fletcher
Dan Daily (Shakespeare, etc), Jason Chaet, Elaine Petricoff, Jay Dias, Teri Ralston, Gail Dennison, Laure Pierce (improv), Gillien Goll (Acting on Camera)
Michelle Bruckner (jazz, ballet), Casey Colgan (theatre dance), Michele Hart-Haviland (tap, ballet), Sam Underwood (tap)

Special Skills

"POWer Snap" (right hand only), fierce tongue pop, cartwheels, bicycling, Dialects: Jamaican, Southern, Singing: Legit – Spinto Tenor, high falsetto/mix (up to Bb5), riffing, sensible screlt, passport, works well w/ children & animals, character voices, fluent in Ebonics/Slang